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A lot of business owners may not want to get involved in the finance of their very own startup small business. But it is actually really essential for you to have a better understanding of your business or company. The following are the aspects of your business that you are required to pay attention to and get right. It is important that you are knowledgeable and has a better understanding as much as you possibly can. You will be liable with all the decisions at the end of the day and not your lawyer or accountant, they are just there to provide you with professional advice. Also, do not assume that they are always correct. You can ask questions and ensure you have enough information in order to make sound decisions.

Know your numbers and set precise financial goals
Created a projected financial plan on a month to month basis which should be broken down into your revenue streams, overhead expenses, direct expenses, loss calculation and tallying up to a profit. Ensure that your 12-month projection is on the same worksheet with a total of the year. It is important that you track this every two weeks and entering the actual figures in the column next to the month you are in at the moment. This will provide you with an easy and quick way of following the activities of your business, including revenue streams that may not be performing well, what is going on with your expenses as well as overall profit and loss. You will be able to also see month to month patterns which will provide you with an indication on where you should be focusing your energy on. You can compare your estimates at the end of each year with the actual data and make use of these information to come up with a plan for the next year.



Creating budget for all expenses
Create budget for all your expenses as well and make sure that these are rightfully communicated to you business’ various departments. This will aid in keeping your spending under control. It is important that you know where and why each dollar is going out of your business.

Become the legal eagle
When it comes on the legal side of your business, be what they call a legal eagle. Review all of the contracts that you need to sight with a fine tooth comb. This is the part of the business where being lazy is not acceptable. Many individuals made the mistake of not reading the fine print, but it is a must to go through each term and condition very carefully if you are putting your signature into it. Do not be hesitant to ask question clauses or to propose any changes suitable to you and your business’ needs to make it better. If you are in doubt, have your lawyer walk you through the contract.

At the end of the day, your business is a reflection of your decisions and choices. The other element of this is that it provides you with freedom. Aside from making your own decision about what to do with your time, but also the freedom to direct where you want your business to go.